Living on the 4th floor

It has been much too long since I made an entry into this blog. A lot has been accomplished since my last post. Alma and I have almost finished the interior of the 4th floor and have moved in. Walls, walls arches, kitchen, bathroom and flooring all finished. Here is what we have so far.

The windows we added really brightened the whole place up a lot. The rearranged bathroom, although still narrow, is much more spacious feeling and the addition of a window in the shower accomplishes what a fan would do and it lets in more natural light. We still need some furniture and lighting fixtures but for the most part it is quite comfortable.



The work goes on.


The renovation work on our building is continuing, sometimes at a painfully slow rate. However, all the destruction on the 4th floor is finished and reconstruction can go forward in earnest. The kitchen and bathroom are seen in the back of what will be a studio suite with as much open floor as possible. There are two large windows in the kitchen with the oven/range going in front of one while the sink goes in front of the other. Stacking clothes washer and dryer will be in the corner closest to the banos next to a large upright pantry. Soon we are going shopping for flooring and appliances.

The progress report is as such:

Ground floor – no work completed except to get plumbing and electricity working

Second Floor – no work completed except to get plumbing and electricity working.

Third floor – 70% completed with lighting, furniture and flooring to purchase and install.

Fourth floor – 40% completed with destruction finished. Reconstruction started recently.

Reusing doors and windows on our renovation

3641A6A1-1F08-4BFE-9F16-1D4D69DC26C7A01932D3-F6D9-4FFB-B1D0-0326EDFDAA62IMG_1811This posting about renovating the property Alma and I have acquired is focused on recycling of the windows already in the building. I am determined to reuse as many components as possible and most of the windows are examples of local craftsmanship worthy, in my opinion, of preserving. We are doing as much of the work ourselves as we can but we have hired 2 people who have much experience in working with the concrete and steel that we are encountering on a daily basis. I will introduce them, if they consent, on a later post.

Here’s where I am.


Welcome to my blog about my daily life as a Canadian living in Mexico. I am married to a wonderful woman named Alma who has spent her entire life here so I am sure some of the questions I have seem absurd to her. We are, however, committed to each other and our days together. Right now we are renovating a badly run down property in Puerto Vallarta. Most of the photos will be about this project but also included will be some day to day photos such as us traveling around Mexico and anywhere else we chose to go.